Customer registration

Assign default Customer Group
1. set scope to the correct B2C website
2. Select the customer group under Create New Account Options > Default Group

Enable Prefix / Title DropDown Mr, Mrs, Dr, Prof,

Price Display Setting (including tax)

Set scope to B2C Website, then under Configuration > Sales > Tax configure the following settings

  1. Catalog Price = including Tax
  2. Apply Customer Tax = After Discount
  3. Apply Discount on Prices = Including Tax
  4. Enable Cross Border Trade = Yes (very important)
  5. Set Default Country to the B2C Country, e.g. Switzerland for the B2C_CH Website
  6. Display Product Prices in Catalog = Including Tax
  7. Shopping Cart Display Settings> Display Prices = Including Tax
  8. Display Subtotal = Including Tax
  9. Display Shipping Amount = Including Tax
  10. Include Tax in Order Total = No
  11. Orders, Invoices, Credit Memos Display Settings > Display Prices = Including Tax
  12. Display Shipping Amount = Including Tax

EU VAT Settings and automatic Customer Group assignment

Configure the following settings under Configuration > Sales > EU VAT Enhanced (from plugin) to assign the correct customer groups based on VAT ID and which groups are shown prices incl or excl. tax.

Cash Back coupons

Set cashback coupon for B2C website to 3%. (Wait until this can be set only for B2C in the new website).
Stores > Configuration > KE Marketing > Cashback Coupon

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