This article discusses how to create a bundle product in Magento 2

In the Backend go to Catalog > Inventory > Products

  1. Click on the little arrow on the Add Product Button and select Bundle Product

2. Set Attribute Set to Bundle
3. Enter bundle name
4. Enter SKU
5. Disable Dynamic SKU
6. Disable Dynamic Price
7. Now set the price the individual products would normally be at (column G – see below)
Open Advanced Pricing to add additional price information (see below)
8. Click Save

This is where you find the information in the price list

Set advanced Pricing

A. Set bundle price at 93% (100% minus the bundle discount of 7% in Column A)
B. Set the cost (just translate U$13 to EUR 13)
C. Set the price plan discounts (see price list columns K, N, Q, T)

For the first time adding a customer group price, it will look a little different:

You can find a double discount calculator here

Set Product Category and more

9. Leave Dynamic Weight on (determines whether it’s a shipped product or virtual only)
10. Select the category (select Sales and Office Bundles)
11. Make sure to select a sub category, so that the product will show up in the Mega Menu
12. Click Done

13. Set the Sort Order (since here we don’t have anything in Excel, just use the row number and add a zero
14. CTRL+click the attributes in the support section, for the grey product icons to show up

15. Scroll down to the Content Section
16. Paste the appropriate product icons in the Short Description.
(also look at the underlying office product for the icons to be used, here Office 2021 Pro Plus)
See this guide:

Add Bundle Items

17. Scroll to the Bundle Items section
18. Click Add Option
19. Type in the Option Title, e.g. OS or Office
20. Set input type to radio buttons
21. Leave this option as required
22. Click on Add Products to Option

23. You can use the Filters option to find the products you want to add to the bundle
24. Search by Name or SKU
25. Click Apply Filters
26. Once you are done with the other steps below and you have selected a product, click this button

27. Check the products you want to add to the bundle and Save (26)

Go back to step 18 to add the second product with Option Title Office

This is how the Bundle items section should look like before you go on. The Default Quantity needs to be 1 and 1.

NOTE: Every product must be in a separate option (see point 18). You cannot list 2 products under the same option. If you have e.g. 2x core apps in the bundle, they must be separated out.

Add other product data

28. Go to the Images And Videos section
29. Click to add a new Thumbnail

30. Find the product thumbnail image for this bundled product
(MAGENTO\product images\Bundles\700×700)
31. Select the image with the same SKU
32. Click Open to add it

This is how it will look

The download links, installation instructions and keys will come from the individual products that were linked here, so no need to add anything.

Save the product.

Check the bundle on the frontend in the gallery

And look at the product page

Multiple keys bundle

For the bundles with multiple keys of the same product, pls. make sure the following qty is setup correctly:

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Updated on May 16, 2022