Login to AWS and go to the EC2 Instance overview


Here you can see if the instance is running:

It’s possible to take a screenshot of the instance. Check the Keys.Express Live > Action > Monitor and Troubleshoot > Get instance screenshot

if the website is down it may be a memory problem. You can right click on the instance and select Stop Instance. Wait for the status to be stopped. Then right click again > Start instance.

If the instance won’t stop you can force stop the instance.

Setup SSH to EC2 Server

Select the instance > Connect

You will see the connection parameters > SSH Client

you need to find the keys-express.pem file and configure your SSH Client

Useful commands to troubleshoot

sudo -i

free -h / show free memory

df -h / see disk space

top / shows CPU occupation

CPU 97% us – user space > applications are using most CPU

0.6% sy > kernel space

search the logs

cat syslog | grep -i “Out of memory”

cat syslog | grep -i “java”

cat syslog | grep -i “php7.4”

cat syslog | grep -i “error”

cat syslog | grep -i “fail”

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Updated on May 12, 2022